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From thirty years experience as Director of Photography, fashion photographer for eCommerce in Milan and a personal research in the field of authorial photography, AC PHOTOGRAPHY+STUDIO was born.

The background, is now also available to local Sicilian realities that are looking for professionalism, care, passion and attention to detail for their brand through the creation of videos and photos for advertising campaigns, eCommerce, still-life and Social Media Campaign now essential. We also make photographic portraits of you and your pets, shots that tell your life and deserve equal care and attention. AC PHOTOGRAPHY+STUDIO is located in the heart of Palermo

My experiences

I am an Italian commercial and narrative Director of Photography and Photographer. I worked for more than twenty years in Milan and Rome in cinema and advertising. At the same time as my work as a commercial photographer, I have pursued my artistic career of documentary photography of the urban landscape, which I have exhibited in solo shows and published in newspapers and magazines.

  • Studied
    1992 - 1995

    I studied at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan), in the course of Advertising and Graphic Design with the title of Art Director and obtaining the Master Degree.

  • Collaboration
    I spent three months in New York where I attended some photography studios in the Chelsea district, some motion picture equipment rentals: Du-All Camera, CSC; a painting studio the Spring Studio in the SoHo district. I lived in Harlem and attended the International English Language Institute Hunter College.
  • Director of Photography
    2013 - 2020

    I work as Director of Photography in the Film Industry for several production companies in Milan: Haibun srl - Milan, Cicciotun srl - Milan, T2 Films srl - Brescia, the BigMama srl - Milan, Kappacom srl - Milan, I Am a Bean srl - Milan, and others.
    I worked for more than 20 years on film sets and advertising, even outside Europe: Usa, India, Canada, Tunisia. I worked in Italy with American, French, English, Russian, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Mexican crews, in contact with great directors and film professionals, using the most modern cameras and in various logistical situations, from desert to glaciers.

  • Published my work
    I published my work as an auteur photographer in the official magazine of the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels called Cartaditalia. The publication was followed by my solo exhibition Italie, wanted and produced by the IIC in Brussels.
  • Fashion photographer
    2011 - 2014

    I worked as a fashion photographer for Dolce&Gabbana - Milan, for the realization of still-life shots for eCommerce of men's/women's clothing and accessories for the various fall/winter and spring/summer collections that followed in those years.
    In February 2015 I worked as a fashion photographer for the designer Daniele Carlotta - Milan, for the realization of the look book collection.

  • Documentary photographer
    I started to publish my work as a documentary photographer of the urban landscape in magazines and newspapers such as: Doppiozero, Riga, cheFare, Espresso, Segnature, Perimetro, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera.


  • First Prize Winner in the Digital PR category of the Interactive Key Award and another first prize at the Touchpoint Awards in the Branded Content/Data and Creativity category.
    Campaign: #DILLOATUASORELLA su contraccezione e sessualità con La Pina deejay.
    Agency: True Company
    Client: Bayer Italia
    CDP: Cicciotun
    Director: Jacopo Martinoni
    DP: Antonino Costa
  • First Prize Winner MARSAL 2016 (Video Content Creation) - IWC | Schaffhausen
    Agency: IWC | Schaffhausen
    Client: IWC | Schaffhausen
    Director: Andrea Bauce
    DP: Antonino Costa
    Starring: Pierfrancesco Favino
  • Award in the Corporate Identity Section, for the material developed for the in-store.

    Campaign: "Bic – Rubagli il cuore, non il rasoio"
    Agency: Sterling Cooper
    Client: Bic
    CDP: Cicciotun
    Director: Jacopo Martinoni
    DP: Antonino Costa