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Quartiere Adriano







Milan, Italy
It is located between Viale Monza and Via Padova, the Naviglio Martesana flows nearby while further north there is the Lambro river. I reached Crescenzago by subway and on foot I walked to the beginning of Via Adriano; there I photographed a lantern that illuminates a votive shrine dedicated to the Madonna, a vendor and a little further on a young girl who was collecting the clothes hanging on a balcony of a building; she had noticed me, I framed her but she hid her face behind a short blanket that she held in both hands, I took my eye from the viewfinder while she continued to peep out to scrutinize me.

I could only see her eyes, I tried again to frame her, but she was totally eclipsed. We repeated this hide-and-seek, and finally I took the picture trying to catch her in counter-movement. I had taken this photograph more for fun, so I attracted the curiosity of a local inhabitant, a giant Arab man, who asked politely but firmly why I was taking the picture. I asked him why he wanted to know, in fact, at that moment, I didn't know myself. We exchanged a few words and I continued my work, entering the neighborhood.