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Palermo, Italy
The first roll of this photographic work I used along the stradone that runs parallel to the railroad in the industrial area of the Brancaccio neighborhood. For those arriving by train in the Sicilian capital, the last stop before the stop at Palermo Centrale is here in the suburbs, in the small station called Palermo Brancaccio. The race of the train slows down as it nears its destination. The cars pass by low buildings attached to each other, they are so close to the railroad that from the window you can look inside.

For the first time I reached the district coming from the city center. I choose to start from the industrial area, photographically I am attracted by the open space with the mountains in the background, some gray signs with yellow lettering mark the access, suggesting a separation with the housing complex of Brancaccio.

The two areas are divided by an avenue and facing each other they form a large rectangle between the slopes of the mountains and the gulf to the south of the city; the residential part faces the sea. There are no real industries, mostly factories and storage sheds. I saw several machine shops that specialize in repairing trucks, trailers, heavy vehicles in general, and at least a couple of bus sheds. There is an apparent desolation.