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Borgo Nuovo







Palermo, Italy

Notes and Memories:

After two rounds of inspections in two times: the first I went by bus and streetcar to the terminus the second by car with my mother that we were in those parts, and in this case I did not go down the street. It was more of an inspection for the light, because the first time I went in the late afternoon and in this case it was in the late morning.
Already in the first inspection I had understood that loggers are distrustful and hard.

First day.
Today that I made the first shots was the confirmation. The episodes are not lacking.
It's the 15th of October 2018. I have with me the Nikon F2 of Cocli equipped with the 35mm Cavalier and in my bag the 50mm Nikkor of Matteo. I started by using the 35mm. I use a black and white film: Ilford PAN 400... never used before.

Day 2.
I talked about photography with two guys at the bar. The owner (maybe) who has two kids and an old analog camera and the other an acquaintance of his who wanted to hold the Nikon and I showed him how to hold it.
I took several pictures and then at one o'clock I left with Lorenzo who picked me up.
The other day, in Borgo Nuovo, a lady told me: <<But why do you come here every day to take pictures at sunset, of these lonely houses. Why don't you go and take pictures in Mondello?

Third day.
Yesterday it went better, I took/threw several pictures and I didn't fail to interact with someone who controlled the territory, but this since the first day I went without a camera. Minchia Palermo is this, even this or especially this. I still don't understand it.